Broken Bottles: Stalwart Set to Sea in Spain
(Source: Royal Australian Navy; issued Sept 03, 2019)
The Royal Australian Navy is another step closer to welcoming its new fleet of Supply Class replenishment tankers into service, following the successful launch of NUSHIP Stalwart at a ceremony in Ferrol, Spain.

NUSHIP Stalwart became the second Supply class Auxiliary Oiler Replenishment (AOR) to be launched, with NUSHIP Supply launched late last year.

The new vessels are part of the largest regeneration of Navy since the Second World War.

Chief of the Royal Australian Navy, Vice Admiral Michael Noonan said NUSHIP Stalwart’s launch would support Navy’s readiness to conduct sustained operations at sea and position Navy as an agile, resilient and lethal fighting force.

“The Supply class AOR vessels will enable Navy to maintain a long-term presence at sea and provide combat support to our frigates, destroyers and combatants wherever they operate in the world,” Vice Admiral Noonan said.

“NUSHIPs Stalwart and Supply will extend our warships’ endurance and operational range by providing bulk fuels, potable water, stores and explosive ordnance to naval vessels operating at sea.”

NUSHIPs Stalwart and Supply will replace the current replenishment tankers HMAS Sirius and ex-HMAS Success, which was decommissioned on 29 June 2019.


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