Florence Parly Signs to Establish Space Command As Part of the Air Force
(Source: French Ministry of the Armed Forces; issued Sep. 03, 2019)
(Unofficial translation by Defense-Aerospace.com)
PARIS --- Minister of the Armed Forces Florence Parly has signed the decree establishing and organizing the Space Command (Commandement de l’Espace, CDE) within the Air Force.

This signature follows the July 13 announcement by the President of the Republic at the Hotel de Brienne and the speech by Minister Parly on July 25 at the Lyon-Mont Verdun air base.

A total of 220 personnel composes this new command which will eventually be installed in Toulouse. The Air Force will eventually become the "Air and Space Force".

Space Command is a joint-service organization reporting to the Chief of the Air Staff. He receives his instructions from the Chief of Staff of the Armed Forces, who is responsible for the preparation of the future, the coherence of military capabilities and for military operations.

This command will have responsibilities in the design and implementation of military space policy, as well as in operational and organic areas.

It initially brings together the 220 personnel from the Joint Space Command (CIE), the Space Operations Military Surveillance Center (COSMOS) and the Military Satellite Observation Center (CMOS).

Eventually, this command, whose staff will be brought to power, will be located in Toulouse where a prefiguration team is already in place.

Space is a crucial domain for the functioning of our society but also for the military operations of the French forces. With the creation of this new command, the Ministry of the Armed Forces translates into acts the strategic directives of the President of the Republic in a field that is in full mutation, and where the threats multiply.


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