Turkish Forces Begin Training for S-400 Defense Systems
(Source: Hurriyet Daily News; published September 04, 2019)
ANKARA --- Turkish Air Force personnel are attending a training for S-400 missile defense systems in Russia.

"S-400 training started in Gatchina, Russia with the participation of Air Force Command personnel as part of long-range air-and-missile defense system project," Turkey's Defense Ministry said on Sept. 4 in a tweet.

Ankara received its first Russian S-400 missiles in July. The delivery of the first battery was completed on July 25.

The second batch of equipment of the S-400 was received on Aug. 27, and the delivery is slated to continue for around one month, according to Turkey's Defense Ministry.

Sensing that its protracted efforts to purchase an air defense missile system from the ally U.S. was not heading toward success, Turkey in April 2017, signed a contract with Russia to acquire the S-400 anti-missile shield.


In the meantime, İsmail Demir, the president of Turkey’s state defense industry institution said on Sept. 4 that the S-400s will be ready at full capacity, including trainings and other activities, until April 2020.

“The procurement first and second batteries will be completed until the end of September and then, the first setup will be finished until the end of 2019. However, when we take training and software works into account, [the S-400s] will be available for use in full capacity in April 2020”, Demir said in an interview with a private broadcaster.

After the initial shipments conclude, the delivery of the second system including the third and fourth S-400 batteries will finalize by the end of 2020, Demir said. (end of excerpt)

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