S. Korea Mulling PR Event to Mark Introduction oF-35s Next Month (excerpt)
(Source: The Korea Herald; published Sept 07, 2019)
South Korea is considering holding a PR event to mark the introduction of F-35A stealth fighters into the country as part of next month's Armed Forces Day ceremonies, officials said Saturday.

South Korea has so far brought in eight F-35As, beginning with two in late March, under a plan to deploy a total of 40 fifth-generation jets through 2021. But the military has dealt with the introduction in a low-key manner, sparking speculation the government is concerned about objections from North Korea.

"Of diverse options regarding the issue, we are reviewing the F-35As' participation in the ceremony slated for Oct. 1," a government official said.

As the day also marks the 70th anniversary of the foundation of the Air Force and the radar-evading warplanes are its key strategic weapon, showing them off to the public on the day would carry significance, he added. (end of excerpt)

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