Netherlands Navy to Boost Their Ships’ Protection Thanks to Thales’ digital Electronic Warfare
(Source: Thales; issued Sept. 10, 2019)
The Netherlands Defence Materiel Organisation (DMO), has selected Thales’s innovative digital wideband Radar Electronic Support Measures product Vigile D, as part of an equipment upgrade for three Royal Netherlands Navy warships, and two Portuguese Navy frigates undergoing retrofit in the Netherlands.

With modern electronic warfare (EW) systems required to cope with the unprecedented growth in Electromagnetic transmissions across the Electromagnetic spectrum (EMS), traditional systems are now suffering from unparalleled saturation, which reduces the probability of accurate threat detection. The need to protect against complex and diverse threats that exploit the EMS is more critical than ever.

Applying our transformative expertise and advanced digital technology, only Vigile D will detect multiple signals simultaneously across a wide frequency range with 100% multi-signal probability detection.

Our digital technology provides the earliest possible warning of radar guided weapons, targeting systems or covertly operating forces, with greater reliability and accuracy than conventional systems even where the electromagnetic spectrum is congested.

In addition to this, because of Thales’s continuous commitment to progress, the company is making EW more versatile and transferable as a military capability; the equipment delivered to DMO uses easily upgradeable software and wideband digital receiver technology, making use of more affordable off-the-shelf technology.

Ultimately, only Vigile D will provide relevant and timely intelligence for decision makers to understand and evaluate their operational environment, making better operational decisions.

“Thales is pleased that DMO has recognised the benefits of the digital technology in Vigile D. As the Netherlands is an advanced user of electronic warfare technology, they are also very much a landmark customer for Thales. The adoption of the Vigile D technology by two other NATO navies in addition to the UK Royal Navy, offers enhanced data exchange between allied warships. Other NATO navies are now actively exploring the integration of Vigile-D onto their fleets, which will broaden the Vigile-D family and generate synergies and benefits across a wide community, for years to come,” said Victor Chavez, CEO Thales in the UK.

For over 60 years, Thales has pioneered the increasingly complex science of electronic surveillance. Thales Electronic Warfare (EW) solutions continuously protect servicemen and women, and the platforms on which they serve – and in turn, civilian populations all over the world. Thales has worked in collaboration with the Ministry of Defence and the Royal Navy developing innovative and world-leading digital technology.

Thales in the UK has been instrumental in providing the Royal Navy in particular with situational awareness and tactical advantage. Vigile D is built by Thales in Crawley, England, using local partners as suppliers and securing jobs, skills and electronic warfare capability in the UK. An economic report* has concluded that Thales in the South East of England supports 2100 supply chain jobs locally. The company also contributes £460 million to UK GDP as well as 6300 jobs, apprenticeship schemes and outreach programs to schools and colleges nationwide.

Thanks to its 80,000 employees in 68 countries, Thales recorded sales of €19 billion in 2018, on a pro forma basis incorporating Gemalto.


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