KNM Helge Ingstad: External Review of the Salvage Operation
(Source: Norwegian Ministry of Defence; issued Sept. 11, 2019)
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The Storting has asked the government to facilitate an external and independent investigation of the salvage operation following the accident with KNM Helge Ingstad.

After a bidding round, it has been decided that PwC will conduct the review.

The review of the salvage work following the frigate accident on November 8 last year will conclude in a publicly available report to be delivered by the end of 2019.

PwC will review the assessments that were made, the decisions that were made and the measures taken during the salvage work. The starting point is the information, knowledge and resources that were available to the salvage management when it happened.

The time to be covered by the review is from the crew was evacuated until the vessel was brought to Haakonsvern Orlogstation in Bergen.

The review should focus on the system, not on people.

The investigations shall not include matters addressed by the authorities' investigations of causal or liability matters, criminal or criminal liability, liability or liability or graded information.


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