Rheinmetall's Lynx KF41 Infantry Fighting Vehicle Down-selected for Australian's Land400 Phase 3 Program
(Source: Rheinmetall AG; issued Sept 17, 2019)
Rheinmetall’s Lynx KF41, which has been short-listed by Australia together with Hanwha’s AS21 Redback to replace the venerable m-113, seen here as it arrived in-country for its operational evaluation. (Rheinmetall photo)
Rheinmetall is pleased to confirm the Lynx KF41 Infantry Fighting Vehicle (IFV) has been selected by the Commonwealth of Australia to compete in the Risk Mitigation Activity (RMA) trials for the $15 billion LAND 400 Phase 3 program.

Lynx KF41 is a next generation tracked, networked and highly protected IFV which meets the stringent military requirements of LAND 400 Phase 3. The Australian Army needs a networked, protected and enabled IFV for close combat - to close in and defeat an enemy in the most dangerous and lethal environments for Australian soldiers.

Rheinmetall will deliver three Lynx IFVs to compete in RMA trials to be conducted in Australia. If successful, the Lynx IFV fleet will be manufactured in Queensland at Rheinmetall's new Military Vehicle Centre of Excellence at Redbank south west of Brisbane.

Rheinmetall Defence Australia Managing Director, Gary Stewart, said: "We welcome the Commonwealth's decision to select Lynx KF41 for the RMA trials and look forward to demonstrating the capability of our next generation infantry fighting vehicle."

"We believe Lynx is the best vehicle in its class for Australian needs and it sets new standards in protection, mobility, lethality and knowledge needed to survive and defeat any adversary," Mr Stewart said.

"Rheinmetall has developed this vehicle so it is positioned at an ideal level of maturity when Australia needs it to enter service in 2026 - and it has the inherent growth capacity and a growth path to extend these capabilities through its 40+ year life."

Rheinmetall is already delivering an Australian Industry Network for Land 400 that builds an industrial capability in Australia. This includes creating high technology enduring jobs for hundreds of Australians by localising design and manufacturing expertise in electro-optics, weapon systems, fire control and sensor systems, turret manufacturing, variant design and manufacture, integration, armour systems, simulation, training and fleet sustainment.

Ben Hudson, Global Head of Rheinmetall's Vehicle Systems Division, said: "We are delighted to have been selected in Australia for the next phase of this important program."

"Design, development and manufacture of the Lynx in Australia for the Australian Defence Force will build on the advanced manufacturing jobs at our new MILVEHCOE as well as a strong national industrial network of Australian small and medium businesses across Australia," Mr Hudson said.

Rheinmetall is delivering 211 8x8 BOXER Combat Reconnaissance Vehicles (CRV) to the Australian Army from 2019 after the vehicle was selected by the Commonwealth after 12 months of RMA trials by ADF personnel in 2016-2017.

Both the BOXER and Lynx are modular. That means the vehicles can be reconfigured to achieve many different missions with high commonality. This allows for reconfiguration of the fleets for emergent operational needs, providing greater mission flexibility, reducing through-life costs, enabling faster introduction of new technology, and optimising ongoing fleet management.

"Rheinmetall has taken all of the significant benefits of BOXER and ensured they are part of the Lynx KF41 package," Mr Stewart said, "with significant commonality between the vehicle fleets."

"Extending our partnership with Army and the Commonwealth to deliver the Lynx for Land 400 Phase 3 would deliver a fully integrated armoured vehicle fighting force for the ADF."

Rheinmetall sets the global standard for excellence in a wide array of disciplines and offers an extensive array of military hardware that delivers mobility, lethality, survivability of troops, reconnaissance capability and networking of national and international systems. Rheinmetall Defence Australia and New Zealand is a subsidiary of Rheinmetall AG, with offices in Adelaide, Canberra, Melbourne and Brisbane.


Hanwha Shortlisted for Australian Infantry Fighting Vehicle Program
(Source: Korea Herald; issued Sept 17, 2019)
South Korea’s Hanwha Defense said Tuesday it has been shortlisted for the Australian military’s multi-billion-dollar plan to replace its current ageing fleet of mobility vehicles with advanced capability.

According to the company, its AS21 Redback Infantry Fighting Vehicle is one of the two contenders for the Land 400 Phase 3 Program. Competing against Hanwha's Redback is German firm Rheinmetall Defence’s Lynx KF41.

The two companies' IFVs were selected over other global competitors such as CV90 from BAE Systems and Ajax from General Dynamics. The Australian military is expected to reach a final decision by 2021 after conducting two years of assessment.

“Being shortlisted for the Australian military project is a testament to our advanced defense technology and proactive commitment in the global market,” said Hanwha Defense CEO Lee Sung-soo.

Land 400 Program is A$15 billion (US $10.3 billion) project aimed to upgrade the Australian army’s mobility and reconnaissance vehicles. Under the program, up to 450 modern IFVs will be acquired to replace current M113AS4 Armored Personnel carriers.


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