Indian Air Force to Get 'Game Changer' SCALP, Meteor Missiles for the Rafale Next Year (excerpt)
(Source: Economic Times; posted Sept. 18, 2019)
By Manu Pubby
The Indian Air Force is set to get the ‘game changer’ SCALP and Meteor missiles for its Rafale fighter jets next year which will outrange all known weapon systems in the region and will give India a definitive combat edge.

The SCALP stand-off missile, manufactured at the highly protected facility here, has a range of over 300 km and is designed to hit high value, strongly protected targets deep inside enemy territory. The Rafale jets – the first of which is likely to arrive in India in May 2020 – can carry two of the missiles that will enable them to hit virtually any target within Pakistan. The first Rafale jets are set to be handed over to India on October 8 but will be flown in France for several months before being ferried to the home base at Ambala.


Another system that will add to this capability will be the Meteor air to air missile that will also be delivered for the Rafale fighter jets next year. With a range of over 150 km, the Meteor will outclass all other systems in the region. Including the AMRAAM missiles in service with Pakistani F 16 fighter jets that currently outgun Indian missile systems.

“An aircraft equipped with both the SCALP and Meteor changes the scenario completely. It gives the operator of the Rafale many options to engage targets while ensuring the survivability of the platform and pilot,” Loic Piedevache, Country Head, MBDA India says. (end of excerpt)

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