CONFIRMED: FAB Developing Long-Range Cruise Missile
(Source: Poder Naval; posted September 24, 2019)
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A brightly-painted Brazilian long-range cruise missile mounted on the central pylon of an F-5M lightweight fighter for testing. (FAB photo)
At the Sept. 24 public hearing by the Committee on Foreign Relations and National Defense on “Assumptions of National Sovereignty,” it was revealed that, among other projects, the Brazilian Air Force (FAB) is developing the MICLA-BR Brazilian Long-Range Cruise Missile.

According to the presentation, the MICLA-BR is an air- launched development of the MTC-300 (or AV-TM 300) surface-to-surface missile launched by Astros 2020 vehicles.

The FAB presentation finally clarified the image contained in a video released by the Ministry of Defense on June 7, which featured what appeared to be an air-surface version of the MTC-300 Tactical Cruise Missile performing integration tests on a F--5M fighter of the Brazilian Air Force.

At the time of the release of the MD video, many denied that it was an air-launched cruise missile, and a wide range of explanations and interpretations were circulated about the orange device shown in the image.

According to the 2018 - 2027 Military Aviation Strategic Plan document available on the FAB website, the MICLA-BR (Long Range Cruise Missile) project consists in the development of a 300 km-range cruise missile with an air-breathing engine and intended for launch by both aerial and surface platforms.

It will be equipped with a navigation and control system based on inertial / GPS and with an image correlation system for terminal navigation. Depending on the type of mission, the MICLA can be equipped with an infrared (IR) proximity sensor or synthetic aperture radar (SAR).


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