Russia Supplied Nigeria with Six Mi-35M Attack Helicopters
(Source: RIA Novosti; posted Oct. 11, 2019)
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MOSCOW --- Russia, under the contract, supplied Nigeria with six Mi-35M attack helicopters, Abuja expects the delivery of six more aircraft, said Nigerian Ambassador to Russia Steve Davis Ugba in an interview with RIA Novosti.

"We have a contract for the purchase of twelve Mi-35 helicopters, six of which have already been delivered. Our defense minister will better answer the question of when the remaining six will be delivered ... While we are discussing modalities to ensure delivery," said the ambassador.

He noted that, on the whole, cooperation between Moscow and Abuja in the military-technical cooperation sector is largely hindered by anti-Russian sanctions.

"Sanctions against Russia do not help this matter, as you can imagine. Russia is a reliable partner that always fulfills its obligations. We will agree on the delivery of the remaining Mi-35 helicopters, and then we will see what we can do as part of the law," the ambassador said.

“We are trying to work within the system so that Russia does not lose anything, but also that Nigeria does not lose. The schedule of deliveries will be discussed. Our wish list is quite long. We continue to discuss these issues with Russia. But I want to emphasize - without Russian help, without Russian equipment, the fight against terrorists in my country will face very big challenges. We are interested in the equipment being purchased and delivered on time, "he said.


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