HAL Unions Resort to Illegal Strike
(Source: Hindustan Aeronautics Ltd.; issued October 14, 2019)
BENGALURU, India --- In spite of HAL management offering the best revised wage package, HAL Unions have gone on illegal and indefinite strike from today. The strike is illegal as conciliatory proceedings are on and against the advice of labour authorities who want the Unions to arrive at amicable solution without resorting to agitational means. The HAL Unions have shown total disregard to the organization classified as Defence Establishment under ‘Public Utility Service’.

The HAL Management’s offer is reasonable, fair and in conformity with the wage agreements finalized by other Defence PSUs. Instead of appreciating this the Unions have come up with the demands that are unviable in the current and futuristic business scenario. The unsustainability and untenability has been explained to the Unions several times.

There is no justification and rationale in the demand of the Unions to extend the benefits (fitment benefit and allowances) on par or more than executives, when salary revision of executives was effected from January 1, 2017 after stipulated 10 year period.

The increase in respect of officers with effect from January 1, 2017 needs to be compared with the base of January 1, 2007. On the other hand, workmen have two wage revisions of five years periodicity during the same span. The revision needs to be settled keeping in view the increase derived by the officers from the 2007 scales to the 2017 scales and by the workmen from the 2007 scales to the 2012 scales and now 2012 to the 2017 scales.

The HAL Management has left no stone unturned for mutually acceptable resolution of the issue. In the regard, a series of 11 meetings were held, the last two on October 12 and 13, 2019. HAL hopes that the large majority of its workers would appreciate and accept the Management’s position.


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