The Government Wants to Produce 30 Units of R80 Aircraft Per Year
(Source: PT Dirgantara Indonesia; issued Oct 17, 2019)
The government will increase the production of R80 aircraft from 6 units to 30 units per year. For this reason, the government will prepare a budget of Rp1.5 trillion or US $ 112 million. This aircraft was launched by PT. Industrial Aviation Region (RAI) and PT Dirgantara Indonesia (DI).

Pina Center for Private Private CEO, Eko Putro Adijayanto said, Pina as an investment channeling agency together with the National Planning and Development Agency (PPN / Bappenas) is conducting intensive development related to the country's aerospace industry business model.

"We budget around Rp1.5 trillion or US $ 112 million to increase plant capacity from 6 units per year to 30 units per year in stages," he said in Jakarta, Monday (10/14).

He also said that the government was developing policies in the form of an industrial master plan to create a good industrial ecosystem. "The R80 development must have a master plan and a feasibility study. So Bappenas ensures that the ecosystem is built first. The ecosystem can only be built up if there is a policy," he said.

According to Eko, the master plan will complement the funding for the development of the R80 aircraft. In addition, the master plan will also be an effort to revive PT DI as the only domestic industrial motor that has ever grown.

"The Master Plan is issuing funds. Funding is not only R80, but we have PT Dirgantara Indonesia. Now we also need to discuss how to turn on PT DI," he explained.

Eko said that currently the government had facilitated PTDI with various expenses that were being discussed intensively with several parties. However, he said, an agreement that PTDI could accept would ask the factory that they had to carry out the production process.

"Certainly it will depend on how they are, the ability of the factory, to develop aircraft. Because the factories themselves are still limited to aircraft development. While the demand from various domestic and foreign countries is quite large," he said.

Furthermore, Eko said, currently the domestic aviation industry does not yet have an aircraft leasing company or its own leasing company. So far, he said, those issued domestically still use rental companies in other countries.

He also said, if Indonesia returned to have flying factories such as the N250 and R80, it was mandatory to have its own leasing company.

"We don't have a leasing company in the aerospace field. So all of our leasing companies are in other countries, I can't say. This shows that our aerospace industry is not yet complete," said Eko.

Furthermore, Eko explained, to produce R80, the government planned to build a factory at Kertajati Airport, West Java.

"We do plan to move but there is no location that feels good. One option might be in Kertajati because there would be an aerocity there," he said.


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