Multipurpose Helicopter NH-90: Fastening Element Must Be Exchanged
(Source: German Army; issued Oct 16, 2019)
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STRAUSBERG, Germany --- The safety of soldiers Bundeswehr is a top priority, even during training and maneuvers. Industry recently pointed out that tail rotor problems can be encountered in the multi-purpose helicopter NH-90.

The Bundeswehr and industry are working together to find a solution. The tail rotor blades on all NH-90 delivered before 2018 are being inspected.

All affected helicopters will be checked. After complaint-free examination by experts, aircraft are able to continue their flight operations. However, any affected components must be promptly replaced, and the helicopters can only return to flight after new components are installed.

The material incident will limit the operational readiness of the NH-90 over the next few weeks.

The NH90 helicopters delivered after 2018 do not require inspection or modification, since they were fitted with a new component during their original assembly.

The German army fully complies with its operational obligations, since the NH-90 is currently used on foreign assignments.

Overall, the flight operations of the NH-90 fleet is not endangered.


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