Spectacular Video Shows Russia’s S-400 Air Defense System In Action
(Source: RT Russian Television; posted Oct. 21, 2019)
Russia’s S-400 is a hot commodity, with the likes of India and Turkey braving US sanctions to get the anti-aircraft missile system. Moscow is keen to reveal its impressive capabilities in freshly released field test footage.

Eight out of eight high-maneuverability target missiles were shot out of the sky as anti-aircraft units trained at the Kapustin Yar range, in the southern Russian Astrakhan Region.

The video by the Russian Defense Ministry’s TV channel, Zvezda, captured the S-400 crews deploying to the site and swiftly preparing for operations, before identifying the low-flying targets and firing missiles at them. It took the system just five minutes to become battle-ready.

S-400 has been in service in the Russian military since 2007, with 16 regiments now deployed across Russia as well as at the Khmeimim airbase in Syria.

Other nations have been eager to pay billions of dollars for S-400 to protect their skies. Delivery of the systems to Turkey began earlier this year, with Ankara signaling it’s ready to sacrifice its participation in the F-35 program with the US in favor of the Russian deal.

New Delhi also faced threats of American sanctions when negotiating the purchase of S-400 with Moscow. The systems are expected to be introduced in Indian armed forces sometime next year.

S-400 “Triumph” is an advanced air and missile defense system, highly effective at the distances from to two to 400 kilometers. Its main advantages are the ability to track a large number of targets, including stealth aircraft, at the same time; high mobility; and modular nature, which allows it to quickly adapt to new challenges.


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