LYNX 6: Leclerc Wins Tank Competition in Joint Exercise Iron Spear
(Source: French Army; issued Oct. 16, 2019)
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French Army Leclerc tanks have won a competition during which tanks from eight Allied nations rounded out a week of combined exercises in Latvia. The Leclerc beat M-1 Abrams, Leopard II, Ariete C1 and P91 tanks. (FR Army photo)
From 7 to 13 October, at Camp Adazi in Latvia, the French cavalrymen of the LYNX 6 Tactical Joint Arms battle group took part in an alliance exercise regrouping the battle tanks of eight nations of the 'enhanced Forward Presence (eFP).

This demonstration of the operational capability of soldiers and their weapons was organized by the Canadian military, the umbrella organization for eFP in Latvia.

Exercise Iron Spear’s objective was to deploy the tank crews of eight nations, a total of 28 crews representing Spain, Italy, Poland, the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Norway and the United States. The cavalrymen were able to train alongside their allies during targeting and firing exercises (including one at night) which was a very rewarding experience, as pointed out by Lieutenant Marc, commander of the Leclerc tank platoon: "My crews were able to rub elbows all week with their counterparts from other nations. The platoon benefited tremendously.”

At the end of the exercise, the tanks of the eight nations were measured in a firing competition, combining speed and accuracy. Despite the high technical level of the competitors (the firing speed of the Norwegians or the accuracy of the Germans), it was a French crew that won the challenge, after several hours of a hotly-contested competition.

At the controls of their Leclerc tank, the MSgt Teddy and Sgts Vincent and Louis surpassed exceeded, during this challenge, the American Abrams, German, Spanish and Norwegian Leopard II, the Italian Ariete C1 and the Polish P91. Lt. Marc returns to this final challenge: "Being in competition bonded my crews. They wanted to win everything, and aimed for excellence."

The results obtained during this exercise are undoubtedly the result of maintaining the high level of the operational condition of the French tankers: "With this exercise, we have once again been able to work entirely on our core business. The LYNX mission allows us to do so," continued the lieutenant.

The French victory is not only the victory of the cavalrymen, but is also a reason for pride for all the personnel of the Lynx 6 detachment. It is a particularly good reward for maintenance teams of the national support element who work daily to maintain the full operational capability of Leclerc tanks.

The first place on the podium is finally a beautiful illustration of the technical capabilities of the French tank Leclerc: mobile, agile, fast, accurate.


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