Armament and Transatlantic Relationships: The German Perspective
(Source: IRIS; issued Oct. 22, 2019)
A new paper of the series "Armament and Transatlantic Relationships" is available on the ARES Group page of the IRIS website.

The author puts armament issues between Germany and the US in the broader context of assessing the evolution of the transatlantic relationship regarding security, and how that evolution is perceived by Germany.

Germany currently has a conflicted view of both transatlantic relations and of armaments policy. Whereas the US is seen as the cornerstone of European security, policy-makers in Berlin are hedging against the possibility that the US might lower its commitment to European security.

Germany supports the Europeanisation of its defence industrial base, in close partnership with France, but pursues different priorities on arms exports and to a degree also with regards to third party access to PESCO and the EDF compared to Paris. Recent US interventions in the debate about closer European defence collaboration were criticised in Germany as overblown.

The Armament Industry European Research Group (Ares Group) was created in 2016 by The French Institute for International and Strategic Affairs (Iris), who coordinates the Group. The aim of the Ares Group, a high-level network of security and defence specialists across Europe, is to provide a forum to the European armament community, bringing together top defence industrial policy specialists, to encourage fresh strategic thinking in the field, develop innovative policy proposals and conduct studies for public and private actors.

Click here for the full paper (7 PDF pages), on the IRIS website.


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