PGZ and MBDA Talks About Tank Destroyer Project
(Source: PGZ Group; issued Nov. 05, 2019)
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The technical possibilities of integrating effectors on the chassis offered by PGZ were the main topic of the meeting of representatives of the Polish Armaments Group and MBDA at the Military Armaments Plant in Grudziądz. Export possibilities of jointly developed solutions to third-party markets were also discussed.

The talks are related to PGZ's participation in the technical dialogue with Poland’s Armament Inspectorate in the Ottokar-Brzoza program, which calls for acquiring new Tank Destroyers on a tracked chassis for the Armed Forces. Although the program is in the analytical and conceptual phase, PGZ is actively preparing to implement a potential order for the Polish Armed Forces.

Today's talks are another step in the developing cooperation between the Polish Armaments Group and MBDA. “Our priority is to ensure technology transfer to the Polish defense industry, and the possibility of entering the supply chain. The combination of PGZ's competences in the field of armored vehicles and the offer of our foreign partner confirms our readiness to provide the Polish army with the highest quality equipment,” said Sebastian Chwałek, vice president of the Polish Armaments Group.

PGZ meets the needs of the user. “We offer the army a multi-variant solution that meets all requirements in terms of military capabilities, industrial benefits, as well as sovereignty in the use of equipment,” added Chwałek. “The transfer of knowledge and technology is to ensure, among others, readiness to carry out the integration of the launcher with vehicles and the entire combat system, as well as to provide subsequent equipment maintenance services. For this we provide various proposals for missile acquisition, in this case the Brimstone missile.”

PGZ's offer includes four configurations of tank destroyers: in addition to the BWP-1 platform, it also includes the PK-9 chassis and the Universal Modular Tracked Platform, as well as the Modular Tracked Chassis.

This modular configuration, in the form of three demonstrators, was presented during the Kielce MSPO fair and was awarded the Defender award. An agreement was then signed with MBDA UK on jointly offering this solution to third markets. PGZ will be its leader and main contractor.

It involves the possibility of technology transfer not only of the missile itself, which is a technologically advanced solution, but also of the knowledge and competence needed to integrate such missiles on various platforms. A number of PGZ Group companies participate in the project - chassis suppliers such as HSW, OBRUM or WZM, but also integrators and potential co-producers of the missile, such as WZU and MESKO.

Polska Grupa Zbrojeniowa (PGZ) is one of the largest defense groups in Europe. It brings together over 50 companies most important for the Polish defense industry: production and service facilities as well as research centers. It employs over 18,000 employees and reaches over PLN 5.5 billion in annual revenue. PGZ is a producer of innovative systems and solutions used by the Polish Armed Forces and allied formations.

Wojskowe Zakłady Uzbroje S.A. have solid experience in the field of repairs, repairs and modernization of rocket and artillery systems, as well as the integration of weaponry, communication, identification and warning systems with land platforms. In the process of obtaining Tank Destroyer and delivering effectors from foreign suppliers, the competences and experience of WZU S.A. in the field of system integration, they are necessary to provide the Employer with an effective and complementary solution.


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