AIAD: Meeting on Future Prospects for the Italian Defence and its Industry
(Source: Italian Ministry of Defence; issued Nov 06, 2019)
ROME --- Defence Minister Lorenzo Guerini this morning has taken part in the “Between European Challenges and NATO Requirements: What Are the Prospects for the Italian Defence Industry?” conference. The event was organized by AIAD (Italian Federation of Airspace, Defence and Security Industries)

"I invite all of you to be actors in the common effort to make the culture of defence -as well as the awareness of its role within the Country system - grow”.

Defence Minister Lorenzo Guerini launched his appeal this morning, in his closing speech for the Between European Challenges and NATO Requirements: what Prospects for the Italian Defence Industry?” conference, organized by AIAD at the Center for Defence Higher Studies (CASD).

The event was attended by Minister for European Affairs Vincenzo Amendola, Deputy Minister for Economy and Finance Laura Castelli and Chief of Defence Staff, Gen. Enzo Vecciarelli.

Conference guidelines were illustrated by AIAS Chairman Guido Crosetto, while President of CASD, AF Gen. Fernando Giancotti, held the opening speech. The moderator of the round table – whose audience was made up of political, civil, military and industry authorities - was AIAD Secretary General Carlo Festucci.

The event was a significant moment of reflection on the state of the Italian Defence and its industry, a national excellence. In his speech Minister Guerini underscored the role played by the Armed Forces in the current security scenario: "We operate within the framework set out in the Ministerial guidelines that I have recently presented. Such framework includes the new threats that we have to tackle. As a country, we must decide whether we want to assume our part of responsibility in this regard and make some bold choices”.

"Cooperation between the defence and industry is a strategic asset, and it must respond to the requirement of modernizing our Armed Forces”, the Minister added. On the theme of resources, he also underscored his willingness to make all the necessary efforts to launch a process aimed at gradually increasing investments in order to progressively align the Defence Budget/GDP ratio to the average spending of other European Allies:

“We must make a quality leap to make our country aware of the importance of the entire sector, and make our decisions in a transparent way because what is at stake here is part of our competitiveness, growth and sovereignty”, the Minister concluded.


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