U.S. Sonobuoy Procurement Influenced by Increase in Chinese Submarine Production
(Source: Forecast International; issued Nov 12, 2019)
NEWTOWN, Conn. -- The SSQ-53(V) is a popular series of sonobuoy made by ERAPSCO (a joint venture between Sparton and Ultra Electronics) that has several variants with the latest being the SSQ-53G and the SSQ-53G (GPS).

The SSQ-53G DIFAR is a U.S. Navy A-size sonobuoy that combines a passive directional and calibrated wideband omni capability into a single multi0functional sonobuoy. This DIFAR sonobuoy has a GPS capability that requires Command Function Select for GPS operation. (GPS is initially off at splash/entry into the water.) It is air launchable from fixed or rotary-wing aircraft or can be deployed from the deck of a surface vessel. Descent of the sonobuoy is stabilized and slowed by parachute.

SSQ-53G (GPS) DIFAR is an A-size sonobuoy. It is a directional passive sonobuoy with GPS specifically made for international customers using ASCII NMEA code. Other than the GPS difference, it is identical to a 53G. This sonobuoy is for international customers (non-U.S.) who require GPS capability.

The U.S. Navy purchased over half a million of the SSQ-53G sonobuoys in July 2019. This variant is predicted to become a major seller in the sonobuoy market along with its twin the export version SSQ-53G (GPS). The need for this sonobuoy is being fueled by increase Chinese submarine production and undersea warfare activity in the South China Sea.


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