Assessing the Affordability of the Army’s Future Vertical Lift Portfolio
(Source: Center for Strategic and International Studies; issued Nov 13, 2019)
Future Vertical Lift, the Army’s effort to develop a new generation of vertical lift systems, is one of its top modernization priorities. As part of this effort, the Army is pioneering the use of a combination of acquisition approaches that depart from the traditional defense acquisition system.

Given the novelty of this approach, there are significant questions about the long-term affordability, sustainability, and industry dynamics of the Army’s approach.

This report characterizes and assess the Army’s approach to vertical lift modernization; identifies long-term issues relating to programmatic, sustainment, and portfolio costs; and clarifies the long-term affordability implications of the Army’s portfolio approach to vertical lift modernization.

Click here for the full report (37 PDF pages), on the CSIS website.


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