Norway, Denmark, Finland and Sweden Signs Arrangement to Extend Alternate Landing Base Project
(Source: Nordic Defence Cooperation; issued Nov 15, 2019)
On 9 November, during the celebration of the Royal Norwegian Air Force’s 75th anniversary, the Chiefs of Air Force in Norway, Denmark, Finland, and Sweden signed a Technical Arrangement for the Alternate Landing Base II (ALB II) project.

ALB II is an amendment to ALB which was signed in late 2017, and enables the Nordic nations to use each other’s landing bases for flight safety reasons during peace time. It can, for instance, be used in case of bad weather conditions. The Technical Agreements that has been produced for the ALB concept includes manned state military aircrafts. The just signed ALB II also includes armed aircrafts and enables the participating countries to stockpile certain equipment in advance. The signing of ALB II demonstrates the will of the NORDEFCO nations to both deepen the cooperation and to implement NORDEFCO’s new VISION 2025.


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