Egypt’s Arms Deals Are ‘Sovereign’ Issue, Not Subject to Foreign Interference or Opinion: Senior Official (excerpt
(Source: Daily News Egypt; posted Nov. 17, 2019)
By Taha Sakr
In response to circulated media reports about the US warning Egypt from sanctions over a $2bn contract to buy more than 20 Su-35 fighter jets from Russia, an Egyptian high-ranking state official asserted that Egypt is an “independent state that does not take orders from any other countries with regards to its foreign and domestic policies.”

The Wall Street Journal reported Thursday that US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and Defence Secretary Mark Esper warned Egyptian Defence Minister Mohamed Ahmed Zaki Mohamed that Cairo’s Su-35 deal could trigger sanctions.

The official told Daily News Egypt that what is being reported about US warnings to Egypt to suspend the Su-35 deal with Russia is ‘meaningless’ and should not be taken seriously , asserting that the deal will continue and will not be suspended under any circumstances.

“Egypt does not interfere in any country’s domestic or foreign affairs, likewise we do not allow any other country, policymaker, or whoever to interfere in its internal or foreign affairs. Egypt consider this as an infringement of sovereign rights, which is a red line for us,” the official added.

The official noted that the Egyptian foreign policy has pursued various sources of armament in recent years, and accordingly has military relations with different arms manufacturers’ countries.

Reports of an upcoming deal between Egypt and Russia for the purchase of the Su-35 have sparked controversy in US policy circuits. (end of excerpt)

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