Kuwait Cabinet Quit Over Corruption Suspicions, Minister Says (excerpt)
(Source: Bloomberg News; published Nov. 17, 2019)
By Fiona MacDonald
Kuwait’s government resigned last week to dodge questions over hundreds of millions of dollars missing from a military aid fund, the country’s defense minister said, sparking a rare high-profile row over suspected corruption.

The main reason for last week’s cabinet resignation is to try to “avoid presenting answers to the queries and questions presented to it about the transgressions that took place in the army fund and related accounts,” Sheikh Nasser Sabah Al-Ahmed Al-Sabah, the eldest son of Kuwait’s ruler, said in a statement.

Sheikh Nasser, who has been spearheading plans to reform the economy, claimed the “violations and suspicions” involving more than 240 million dinars ($790 million) took place before he was appointed defense minister and first deputy prime minister in 2017.

“There were many letters to the prime minister and to the deputy premier and interior minister” to try to get to the bottom of things and justify “huge transfers,” he said. “We didn’t get any answers that remove suspicion,” so the case has been referred to the public prosecution, he said. (end of excerpt)

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