Pakistan Today Successfully Conducted Training Launch of Surface to Surface Ballistic Missile Shaheen−1
(Source: Pakistan Inter Services Public Relations Directorate; issued Nov 18, 2019)
RAWALPINDI --- Pakistan today successfully conducted training launch of surface to surface ballistic missile Shaheen−1.

The launch was conducted as part of a Training Exercise, which was aimed at testing the operational readiness of Army Strategic Forces Command. Shaheen−1 missile is capable of delivering all types of warheads up to a range of 650 kilometers.

Video by Pakistan Inter Services Public Relations Directorate.

The training launch was witnessed by Director General Strategic Plans Division, Commander Army Strategic Forces Command, Chairman NESCOM, senior officers from Strategic Plans Division, Army Strategic Forces Command, scientists and engineers. Troops displayed a high standard of proficiency in handling and operating the potent weapon system, ensuring Pakistan’s credible minimum deterrence.


Pakistan Carries Out Successful Launch of Ballistic Missile
(Source: Anadolu Agency; published Nov. 18, 2019)
ISLAMABAD --- Pakistan on Monday carried out "successful" training launch of a ballistic missile, the army said, amid spiraling tensions with longtime rival India.

Surface-to-surface "Shaheen 1" — named after a falcon species, also symbol of country's air force — is capable of delivering "all types of warheads" at a range of up to 650 kilometers (403 miles), Maj. Gen. Asif Ghafoor, a spokesman of Pakistani army, said on Twitter.

The military also issued a video of the training launch — the second one since August.

"Troops displayed a high standard of proficiency in handling and operating the potent weapon system, ensuring Pakistan's credible minimum deterrence," Ghafoor added.

The latest test marks the country's fourth missile test this year. Pakistan test fired surface-to-surface Ghaznavi, Shaheen-II ballistic missiles, and tactical ballistic missile Nasr in August, May and January respectively.

Already heightened tensions between Pakistan and India have further flared up following New Delhi's decision to strip the autonomy of Jammu and Kashmir on Aug. 5, with security experts fearing a fresh arms race in South Asia.


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