Unit of UAE's New Defence Giant Inks $1 Bn Weapons Deal (excerpt)
(Source: Arabian Business; posted Nov. 19, 2019)
By Sam Bridge
One of the models of Halcon’s Desert Sting precision-guided weapons. (Twitter photo)
Halcon, a unit of the UAE's new defence giant EDGE, has signed a $1 billion contract to deliver its Desert Sting-16 range of precision guided weapons to the UAE Armed Forces.

Saeed Al Mansoori, CEO of Halcon, announced the landmark deal at the Dubai Airshow 2019, saying: “We are honoured to provide the best-in-class precision-guided weapons to the UAE Armed Forces.

“This will help strengthen capabilities, equipping them with enhanced efficiency, reliability, and assurance – and overall enabling a more secure future”, he added.

The Desert Sting is a family of lightweight, precision-guided glide weapons. Its two variants – the DS-8 and DS-16 – weigh between 15 and 23 kilograms, and primarily utilise inertial guidance technology, which is further augmented by their global navigation satellite system.

Halcon Design Engineer, Khalifa Al Tamimi, said EDGE had immediately established itself as an iconic global player, saying: "When we are presenting under such a valuable group, that will present new opportunities for us as well. [The MOD contract] was a very good start and we hope in the future we add more contracts. We are really looking forward to that."

Halcon runs three laboratories and eight production facilities, reinforced by cutting-edge R&D and state-of-the-art equipment.

Halcon is part of the Missiles & Weapons cluster within EDGE, an advanced technology group for defence and beyond that was inaugurated in November.

A total of eleven EDGE subsidiary companies are showcasing their capabilities at the show - ADASI, AMMROC, Al Tariq, Beacon Red, EARTH, EPI, ETS, GAL, Halcon, Horizon and Jaheziya.


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