15 Deals Worth More Than AED3 Billion Signed on Day 3 of Dubai Air Show
(Source: Middle East News Agency, WAM; posted Nov. 20, 2019)
DUBAI --- The UAE's Ministry of Defence signed 15 deals at a total value of more than AED3 billion (approx. $812 million—Ed.)on the third day of Dubai Air Show 2019, a senior official said on Wednesday.

In a press briefing, Major-General Pilot Abdullah Al Sayyed Al Hashemi, Assistant Under-Secretary of the Ministry of Defence for Support Services, said on Day Three of the Dubai Airshow 2019, now running at the Dubai World Central, that 15 deals were signed with a total value of AED 3 billion.

Here is the list of the signed agreements released by the GHQ of the UAE Armed forces:

1- Contract with MBDA France to provide maintenance of ammunitions for Mirage 2000 aircraft for a value of AED 1,281,400,000. (approx. $350 million—Ed.)

2-Contract with GAL for Upgrade of Electronics systems for GHQ for a value of AED 241,315,520

3-Contract with AHMED Al Mazroei Metal Industries for Providing Technical support and Spare Parts for Air Force and Air Defence for a value of AED 8,000,000

4- Contract with Harris for Purchasing of Communication and Signal Systems for a value of AED 49,782,289

5-Contract with Abu Dhabi quality and Conformity Council for Providing of Calibration, Consultancy and Training Services for a value of AED 20,000,000

6- Contract with Northrop Grumman International Trading for Providing Technical Experts for Control System for a value of AED 32,940,166

7- Contract with Abu Dhabi Autonomous System Investments for Purchasing UAVs Systems and Providing Technical Support for a value of AED 129,754,574

8- Contract with Lockheed Martin Global for Purchasing F-16 Simulators for a value of AED 533,319,600

9- Contract with MAG Ds Corp for Purchasing and Modification of CESSNA 208 for a value of AED 220,380,000

10- Contract with Advance Navigation & Positioning Corporation for Purchasing of Auto Landing Equipment TTLS for a value of AED 36,698,896

11- Contract with Hellinec for Technicians Training for a value of AED 19,079,760

12- Contract with International Golden Group IGG for Providing Technical Support for Mobile Ground Targets for a value of AED 13,651,871

13- Contract with KBP for Providing Spare Parts of the Air Defence Systems Pantsir for a value of AED 13,651,871

14- Contract with Hanwha Corporation for Purchasing of Ammunitions for a value of AED 220,380,000

15- Contract with Leonardo for Purchasing of AW139 Aircrafts for a value of AED 155,592,000.


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