Minister of the Armed Forces Florence Parly Approves New Contractual Strategy for the support of Army and Air Force Cougar, Caracal and EC225 Helicopters
(Source: Ministry of the Armed Forces; issued Nov. 25, 2019)
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To improve the availability of its Super Puma family helicopters, including this H225M, the French defense ministry has decided to outsource their sustainment to Airbus Helicopters and Héli-Union, France’s largest commercial operator. (AHC photo)
PARIS --- Minister of the Armed Forces Florence Parly on November 8, 2019 chaired a meeting of the Departmental Investment Committee to review the operational sustainment of the Cougar, Caracal and EC225 helicopters.

A global contract was awarded to Airbus Helicopters and Heli-Union to achieve the objectives of the Military Program Law (LPM) 2019-2025 in terms of availability and aerial activity.

The Minister is making the improvement of aircraft availability a priority of her action and this decision is directly in line with the plan to transform aviation sustainment.

The principle adopted for the support of these helicopters is that a framework contract awarded to Airbus Helicopters and Héli-Union makes industry accountable for high-performance objectives, and includes the setting up of industry logistics centers on military aviation bases.

This contract will enable the objectives of availability and aerial activity planned for the Cougar, Caracal and EC225 fleets by the Military Planning Act (LPM) 2019-2025.

Placed at the heart of the Military Planning Law, equipment sustainment benefits from additional means to improve the availability and quality of the operational readiness of the forces. The transformation of aviation sustainment is part of the exceptional increase in the financial resources of our forces, decided by the President of the Republic.


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