Armaments: 10th Defense Department Report
(Source: Bundeswehr, issued Dec 05, 2019)
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The Ministry of Defense presented the 10th Armament Report on Thursday. According to this, one F-125 frigate, four Eurofighters, six A400M transport airplanes and 45 Puma infantry vehicles were delivered to the troops this year.

In addition, there was one specially-equipped Airbus A319 for "open sky" observation flights and three Global 6000 aircraft for the aviation readiness of the Bundeswehr.

In addition, the Bundestag approved a total of 5.9 billion euros for new arms projects.

Over seven billion euros for procurement

"After decades of peace dividends, we are developing and procuring new equipment, close identified equipment gaps and equip the armed forces on an orderly basis," the report states. However, in order to continue the course of material modernization, further investment must be made: "For the future-oriented design of armaments-intensive expenditures, an increasing financial line is required."

As reported, around 45.1 billion euros are earmarked for the defense budget next year, an increase of 4.2 percent over the previous year.

Of this, 7.4 billion euros will go into the procurement of armaments and 1.5 billion in the development and testing of new technology.

Another 4.5 billion euros go into the maintenance of equipment and vehicles, 3.2 billion euros flow to the service providers of the Bundeswehr.


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