Russian Aircraft Carrier on Fire, 3 Missing (excerpt)
(Source: Maritime Bulletin; posted December 12, 2019)
By Mikhail Voytenko
Fire erupted in the No.1 Engine Compartment of the Soviet-Russian aircraft carrier ADMIRAL KUZNETSOV at 1015 Moscow time on Dec 12.

The carrier is undergoing repairs in a dry dock in Murmansk, Russia, and the fire is thought to be have been caused by welding work. Three workers are missing.

The fire spread from an initial 20 square meter to some 120 square meters of Energy Block and probably, into neighboring compartments. Diesel fuel is burning, and it is not clear if it’s a spill or fuel stored in tanks.

The infamous aircraft carrier ADMIRAL KUZNETSOV could claim the title of one of the Navy ships most haunted by disasters and accidents. The ship was literally besieged with accidents from the moment her keel was laid in 1982.

About a year ago, when ADMIRAL KUZNETSOV was in dry dock, two people died when the dock’s crane collapsed and fell on ship’s deck, and the dock sank. (end of excerpt)

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