The Navy’s New Surface Missile - Gabriel 5
(Source: Finnish Navy; issued Dec. 13, 2019)
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The Finnish Navy last year selected the Gabriel 5 manufactured by Israel Aerospace Industries as its future Anti-Surface Missile 2020, replacing the MTO 85M, a version of the Saab RBS15, now in service. (Finnish Navy image)
The new anti-ship missile 2020 system will create the preconditions for protecting maritime traffic and preventing attack until the 2050s.

The system will replace the current 85M missile system, which will reach the end of its life in the 2020s.

Surface defense refers to the use of fire against enemy surface ships. The Navy's surface defense capability consists of missile firing, mine-laying, and coast defense with artillery and missiles.

The anti-ship missile system will be integrated with the Navy's Hamina and Ostrobothnian (Fleet 2020) vessels and with vehicle platforms. The missiles are designed to destroy large targets such as surface ships. The missile can also be fired at ground targets.

Key features of the missile
-- Range: over 200 km
-- Guidance: Active radar search head with advanced anti-jam features, all-weather capability, wide search range and good point resolution
-- Warhead: infiltrating warhead
-- Engine: jet engine
-- Navigation: GPS / INS, multiple waypoints
-- Length: 5.5 meters
-- Weight: 1,250 kg
-- Speed: Subsonic
-- Manufacturer: Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI)

The original decision to procure the Gabriel missile was announced by the Finnish government in July 2018. The government has earmarked EUR 162 million for the purchase, with a EUR 193 million option.


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