Ankara, Moscow Close to Deal on Joint Missile Production (excerpt)
(Source: Daily Sabah; published Dec. 13, 2019)
ISTANBUL --- Turkey is close to sealing an agreement with Russia on joint missile production and securing know-how via a technology transfer to develop its own defense systems, Head of Defense Industries Presidency (SSB) İsmail Demir said Friday.

"We will sign a deal after agreeing on final details regarding joint production of some parts in Turkey and technology sharing," Demir told reporters.

Turkey is currently negotiating the purchase of a second surface-to-air missile (SAM) S-400 system from Russia but seeks joint production and technology transfer as essential terms of a new agreement.

Russia completed the delivery of the first fleet of the S-400s to Mürted Air Base in the Turkish capital Ankara in the second half of September. Currently, Turkish military personnel continue training in Russia. A deal for the second consignment of the S-400 missile system could be finalized by April 2020, when Ankara is poised to fully install the system. (end of excerpt)

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