In 2020, the Aerospace Forces (AF) Will Receive About 100 Planes and Helicopters
(Source: Russian Ministry of Defence; issued Jan 01, 2020)
In 2020, about 100 new and upgraded aircraft will be received by the Aerospace Forces.

In 2019, the latest military transport aircraft Il-90md-90a, multi-purpose fighters Su-35c, Su-30cm, Su-34 bombers, attack helicopters Ka-52, Mi-28n, Mi-35m, transport and combat helicopters Mi-8amtsh, transport helicopters Mi-26t and other types of aircraft were received.

The flight plan for the 2019 training year was completed in full, the total flight time was more than 350,000 hours. This made it possible to achieve an average flight time for a pilot of more than 90 hours, for a young pilot-graduate of 2018 more than 110 hours.


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