Kongsberg Maritime to Close KM Contros GmbH
(Source: Kongsberg; issued Jan 10, 2020)
The sale of KM Contros GmbH (Contros) in Germany from Kongsberg Maritime (KM) to AML Oceanographic Ltd. (AML) has been stopped.

Following a strategic evaluation and prioritization of the KM business in 2019, KM decided to divest Contros, and a Letter of Intent was signed with a future buyer of the business. This was announced in October 2019.

However, AML and KM have agreed not to pursue the previously announced LOI, and the sale of Contros will therefore not proceed. Consequently, KM has decided to cease the Contros operations.

Contros is a subdivision of the Sensors & Robotics division in KM, it’s located in Kiel/Hamburg, Germany. Contros has two primary lines of business: 1) sensors that measure dissolved gases in water, and 2) platforms and deployment systems for in-situ oceanographic measurement.

KM will stand by the commitments to customers, employees and other stakeholders, and conduct a staged closure of the operation in Contros during the first half of 2020.


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