Aero's Disclaimer to an Article in the Ekonom Weekly
(Source: AERO Vodochody Aerospace; issued Jan 16, 2020)
On January 16, 2020, an article full of false claims and misleading information about Aero was published in a Czech weekly Ekonom. According to the article, AERO Vodochody Aerospace plans to lay off hundreds of employees.

This information, which comes from anonymous unreliable source, is not true. Aero does not plan mass redundancies, but currently recruits new employees at key positions and, according to the 2020 plan, the number of employees will increase by the end of the year.

Aero has recruited 30 new people in recent months and still has more than 50 open positions to be filled.

Any massive release like the one described in the article would disenable mid-term plan of the company which is based on significant growth.

Before the article was published, AERO Vodochody Aerospace repeatedly strongly denied this allegation.


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