The Newest Minesweeper of the Black Sea Fleet "Ivan Antonov" Passes the Black Sea Straits
(Source: Russian Ministry of Defence; issued Jan 16, 2020)
The newest minesweeper of the Black Sea Fleet "Ivan Antonov" makes a planned transition from Sevastopol to the Mediterranean sea.

Currently, the crew of the minesweeper passes the Black sea Straits of the Bosphorus and the Dardanelles.

The ship will be part of the permanent force of the Navy in the Mediterranean.

For the crew of the minesweeper, this is the first march to the far sea zone after its admission to the ship's composition of the Black Sea Fleet.

The "Ivan Antonov" primary minesweeper was built at the Sredne-Nevsky shipyard in Saint Petersburg, launched in 2018, and joined the Black Sea Fleet in January 2019.

"Ivan Antonov" is a representative of a new generation of minesweepers. Minesweeper is armed with modern search and detection of mines complexes, surface and underwater autonomous mine-clearance vehicles and is designed to detect and terminate all types of mines; mine sewn bases, coastal areas, ships in the fleet move on the sea, and laying minefields and conduct mine recon.


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