Control Work for Cracks on the F / A-18 Fleet Completed
(Source: Swiss Dept of Defense, Civil Protection and Sport; issued Jan 16, 2020)
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BERN --- With the completion of the control work and the measures initiated, the operational readiness of the Air Force is guaranteed for the upcoming World Economic Forum (WEF).

After cracks were found on the inner hinges of the flaps of the F / A-18 C / D Hornet of the Swiss Air Force on 9 October 2019 during routine inspection work, the Air Force also carried out various measures to check all 30 F / A-18 C / D Hornet.

The inspection work was carried out by RUAG MRO Switzerland and was completed on Tuesday, January 13, 2020. Fatigue cracks were found on around two thirds of all the hinges checked, of which each aircraft has two.

A large number of the affected flaps have since been repaired and installed in the F / A-18 Hornet C / D. The flight restrictions due to the cracks in the flaps were lifted on all aircraft.

The repair work on the remaining flaps is in progress. It is currently not known when all of the work has been completed.


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