Franco-American Interactions in the Western Mediterranean
(Source: French Armed Forces Ministry; issued Jan 17, 2020)
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A Bell-Boeing V-22 Osprey tilt-rotor aircraft based at Moron air base, in Spain, lands on the French amphibious ship FS Dixmude as she transits through the Strait of Gibraltar on her way to her next operational deployment. (FR Navy photo)
The deployment of PHA Dixmude in the Mediterranean offered an opportunity to carry out an unprecedented maneuver with the American military.

Before crossing the Strait of Gibraltar, the amphibious helicopter carrier (PHA) Dixmude, in transit to an operational deployment January 4, 2020, welcomed an American V-22 Osprey based in Moron, Spain, for a touch and go session.

This session was very beneficial for all the flight deck teams for maintaining the know-how of operating very heavy aircraft, and will have helped maintain interoperability between the two nations.

This aircraft, developed by Bell and Boeing for the needs of the United States armed forces, has the distinction of being the first hybrid aircraft, a cross between a transport aircraft and a helicopter.

Tilt-rotor technology answers one of the most sensitive questions in the evolution of aeronautics: how to combine the speed and range of the aircraft with the helicopter's landing and vertical take-off capacity.


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