Boeing Addresses New 737 MAX Software Issue That Could Keep Plane Grounded Longer (excerpt)
(Source: Reuters; published Jan. 17, 2020)
By David Shepardson
WASHINGTON --- Boeing Co. said on Friday it is addressing a new software issue discovered in Iowa last weekend during a technical review of the proposed update to the grounded Boeing 737 MAX, a development that could further delay the plane’s return to service.

“We are making necessary updates,” Boeing said in a statement. Officials at the planemaker said the issue relates to a software power-up monitoring function that verifies some system monitors are operating correctly.

One of the monitors was not being initiated correctly, officials said. The monitor check is prompted by a software command at airplane or system power up, and will set the appropriate indication if maintenance is required, company officials added.

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) did not immediately comment. ABC News reported the issue early Friday.

Click here for the full story, on the Reuters website.


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