A Million and A Half Jumps on the Anniversary of Air Force’s First Paratroop Jump
(Source: Spanish Army; issued Jan. 23, 2020)
(Unofficial translation by Defense-Aerospace.com)
Today marks the 72nd anniversary of the first paratroop jump in the Air Force. To celebrate, 114 soldiers belonging to the Military School of Parachuting (EMP) ‘Méndez Parada,’ located in Alcantarilla air base (Murcia), have carried out a massive jump from the ramp of an A-400M aircraft operated by Wing 31.

In addition, during the same morning several parachute jumps were carried out by the Air Force Paratrooper Patrol (PAPEA) exhibition team and the Paratrooper Sapper Squadron (EZAPAC).

Military skydiving in Spain has its pioneer in the figure of Captain Méndez Parada, who gave his name to the EMP and who, during the 1920s, carried out the first parachuting courses in Spain. He died heroically in a plane crash near Getafe when, about to crash the biplane he was flying, he gave a soldier flying with him his own parachute so he could save his life.

In his honor and for 72 years, the school in which all paratroopers of the Armed Forces and State Security Forces and agencies are trained, bears his name. Since its foundation, almost one and a half million skydive jumps have been made.

The EMP has facilities for teaching skydiving, which are among the most advanced in the world. It has a launch tower and a descent simulator for automatic opening, inaugurated in 2005, which have allowed to increase the safety of jumpers and decrease the number of casualties to obtain the ability of a paratrooper.

And for the teaching of skydiving in the manual opening mode, two simulators were put into operation in early 2007: a virtual simulator used to train the flight with the open parachute, and the free fall simulator, colloquially known as tunnel of wind.


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