HMS Queen Elizabeth to Leave for First Flight Trials In UK Waters (excerpt)
(Source: Forces News; posted Jan. 24, 2020)
By James Knuckey
The Royal Navy aircraft carrier HMS Queen Elisabeth sailed from Portsmouth today to carry out a new round of flight trials of its F-35B fighter aircraft, for the first time in British waters. (RN file photo)
The Royal Navy's HMS Queen Elizabeth is to leave Portsmouth this morning for her first flight trials with British fighter jets in UK waters.

It will mark the next step on the way to the £3.1 billion aircraft carrier becoming operational.

The trials will see Captain Angus Essenhigh take charge of the ship at sea for the first time, after his appointment earlier this month.

When Capt Essenhigh took over from Commodore Steve Moorhouse, it made him the ship's third captain in the space of just 10 months.

During the flight trials, it is expected British F-35Bs will make their first landings on Queen Elizabeth in UK waters, after the first launch of a Lightning jet from the carrier took place in Portsmouth in December.

Last year, HMS Queen Elizabeth spent a few months off the east coast of the United States, undergoing flight trials with British F-35s. (end of excerpt)

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