Hyundai Rotem Favored to Land $9 Bn Tank Deal with Poland (excerpt)
(Source: The Korea Times; posted Jan. 27, 2020)
By Kim Hyun-bin
After France and Germany declined to let it join their joint program to develop a next-gen main battle tank, Poland is now looking to develop its own tank, and South Korea’s Hyundai looks as the preferred foreign partner. (DAPA photo)
Hyundai Rotem is planning to partner with the Polish government to develop and produce 800 K2 Black Panther class tanks. The monetary value of the possible deal was unknown.

There are other prestigious tank developers such as the U.S. M1 Abrams, Russia's T-90 and England's Challenger 2 that could be secured but Poland's fundamental principle is to develop homegrown weaponry which suggests Hyundai Rotem is a strong contender in the race.

"The official project bidding is expected to be announced in the first half of this year and we definitely will take part in the process. The total project is said to be divided into two stages to produce a total of 800 tanks," a Hyundai Rotem official said.

Hyundai Rotem officials met with Polish officials several times to explain the specifics of the qualifications and functions of the K2 Black Panther. In 2008, the South Korean company won a bid to sell K2 tanks to the Turkish government beating Germany, one of the world's leading tank manufacturers. (end of excerpt)

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