C-295 In-Flight Refueling Tests Continue
(Source: Spanish Air Force; issued Jan. 27, 2020)
(Unofficial translation by Defense-aerospace.com)
The Spanish Air Force’s Ala 35 (35th Air Wing), based in Getafe (Madrid), and the Airbus company have worked together over the past few weeks to continue testing the in-flight refueling version of the C-295 military transport aircraft which the company is developing.

Several test flights have been carried out at different speeds, testing the new equipment and its different configurations at the different air speeds at which the operation takes place.

The Spanish Air Force and Airbus are testing the aerial tanker version of the C-295 twin turboprop tanker.

After these flights, very useful conclusions have been drawn so that the Airbus engineering team can continue developing the system. It should be noted that it was the first time that contacts were made with real fuel transfer from one plane to another using the new equipment.

The degree of difficulty of these test flights is always high, since it involves performing maneuvers that nobody has flown before. It should be noted that due to the behavior of the aircraft, the operation has been quite good and simple, always within the limits of difficulty inherent in a test flight.


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