Cyber Security Risks in $17bn F-35 System (excerpt)
(Source: The Australian; published Jan. 30, 2020)
By Joe Kelly
CANBERRA --- Defence has acknowledged that a logistics system in the 72 Joint Strike Fighters being purchased by Australia for $17bn could create a “risk of cyber intrusion and data loss.”

In answers to questions from Labor senator Kimberley Kitching, the department said the Autonomic Logistics Information Systems had “several developmental challenges” but the cyber risks were being managed.

The ALIS is responsible for maintenance management, fault diagnostics, supply support, mission planning and training management across the F-35 system.

Defence noted the system was connected to US commercial networks to support Lockheed Martin’s “Global Support Solution” that will help sustain the JSF aircraft. The GSS is aimed at having all international participants in the international JSF program share sustainment agreements, including information on maintenance, training, engineering and spare parts.

In its response to questions from Senator Kitching, Defence conceded the arrangement also posed risks. “ALIS’s connection to Lockheed Martin US introduces a risk of sensitive Australian information loss, such as sovereign capability information and personally identifiable information,” Defence said. “Additionally, the connection to Lockheed Martin US creates a risk of cyber intrusion and data loss to Australian ALIS and indirectly to the Single Information Environment through connectivity to ALIS.”

Defence said the risks were being addressed through development of a sovereign data management capability being co-developed with Britain that “acts as a controlled gateway between Australian ALIS and Lockheed Martin US.” (end of excerpt)

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