Finland and Latvia Agreed on Developing an Armoured Vehicle
(Source: Finnish Ministry of Defence; issued Jan 29, 2020)
Finland and Latvia have agreed to jointly develop a new wheeled armored vehicle on the basis of a 6x6 platform developed by Finland’s Patria, a project that could be ultimately be joined by Estonia and Lithuania as well. (Patria image)
On 29 January 2020, Finland and Latvia signed a Technical Arrangement on launching a development programme for sustained army mobility enhancement. Finland’s Minister of Defence Antti Kaikkonen and Latvia’s Minister of Defence Artis Pabriks signed the document for the participating nations.

The cooperation programme aims to develop a common wheeled armoured vehicle system. In case this development leads to vehicle system procurement in the future, the resulting common system enhances mobility, cost-efficiency, interoperability and security of supply of the armies of the participating nations.

-At this stage, this is cooperation between Finland and Latvia, but the following phases allow also other countries to join the cooperation programme. This sets an excellent example of deepening defence cooperation between EU member states, Defence Minister Kaikkonen said at the signing event.

With the Letter of Intent signed in December, Estonia together with Latvia and Finland has shown interests for acquiring armoured vehicles for their national armed forces. Based on national and multinational tests and evaluations, the vehicle chassis platform chosen for the development in-progress is a Finnish-made Patria 6x6 armoured wheeled vehicle chassis platform that meets the set capability requirements.

As the programme advances, public information on its progress will be released on a regular basis.


Latvia and Finland Agree to Develop Patria Armored Vehicle System
(Source: Latvian Ministry of Defence; issued Jan 29, 2020)
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Today, January 29, Defense Minister Artis Pabriks and Finnish Defense Minister Antti Kaikkonen signed a technical agreement to improve the mobility of their forces by developing a new armored vehicles system based on the Finnish Patria company's 6x6 vehicle base.

“The needs of our armed forces are similar, but not identical. In our mutual discussion, we concluded that the market does not offer a vehicle platform that directly meets all requirements, so we decided to launch a research and development program on the Patria 6x6 platform that offers the most usability, capabilities and best meets Latvian and Finnish requirements,” Minister Pabriks said.

If the next phase of vehicle platform research and development is successful, the National Armed Forces could receive the first new armored vehicles by 2021. Deliveries are expected to take place every year for about 10 years.

The price of armored vehicles in discussions with the supplier will mainly be determined by Latvian requirements, such as the number of units, modifications and their variety.

One of the preconditions for Latvia's future participation in this project will be security solutions provided by the manufacturer for the 6x6 platforms, their spare parts and knowledge supply for maintenance, also involving the companies of the domestic industry.

The Ministry of Defense will set appropriate requirements for the involvement of the technological capabilities of the Latvian economy and technology transfer in further negotiations with the Finnish manufacturer.

The purpose of this technical agreement is to provide cost-effective solutions to the requirements of both countries 'ground forces in order to ensure not only better procurement, but also interoperability and security of supply of the partner countries' armaments, including local vehicle maintenance and repair capabilities, capability-building and subsequent involvement in vehicle manufacturing and supply chain development.

A technical arrangement is a non-binding political arrangement that does not oblige any of its partner countries to provide specific services or products at this stage of the project.

It has already been reported that on December 17 last year, Latvia signed a letter of intent with Estonia and Finland on the establishment of a common armored vehicle system, which will be adapted to the needs of each country's land forces.


Patria’s 6x6 Platform Chosen as Part of a Joint Finnish-Latvian Vehicle Development Program
(Source: Patria; issued Jan 29, 2020)
Finland and Latvia have agreed on a joint development programme for sustained army mobility enhancement to which Patria is to deliver a 6x6 vehicle chassis platform. This joint programme aims at development of a common armoured wheeled vehicle system. The programme is also open for other countries by mutual consent of Finland and Latvia. In case the development will lead to actual vehicle system procurements in the future, the common system will enhance mobility, cost-efficiency, interoperability and security of supply of the armies in both countries.

“This is an important opening for us, and we hope to see this new vehicle version in production as part of this programme. Patria 6x6 vehicle is our top-notch product combining excellent terrain mobility and ease of use. Long life-span and easy maintenance make it very cost-efficient. It adapts into several missions. Naturally, it would be great if there were also other countries joining forces with Finland and Latvia,” says Jussi Järvinen, president of Patria’s Land business unit.

Patria 6x6 vehicle combines all the best features of Patria’s XA and AMV vehicles. It is simplified, reliable and designed to fill the highest requirements of customers. Its state-of-the-art terrain mobility is guaranteed by an efficient power unit and the independent suspension familiar from the Patria AMV vehicle. Due to the spacious cabin and well-defined functions it is easy to drive and user training simple. Reliability is underlined by the multitude of commercial components used in the vehicle. Commercial components, long life-span and easy maintenance make the vehicle extremely cost-efficient.

The key areas in Patria’s Land business unit include armoured wheeled vehicles, mortar systems and related life cycle support services. Business unit employs 230 people in Hämeenlinna and Tampere.

Patria is an international provider of defence, security and aviation life cycle support services, pilot training and technology solutions. Patria net sales totaled EUR 476.1 million in 2018, and Patria employs 2,800 professionals. Patria is owned by the State of Finland (50.1%) and Norwegian Kongsberg Defence & Aerospace AS (49.9%). Patria owns 50% of Norwegian Nammo, and together these three companies form a leading Nordic defence partnership.


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