The N-219 Aircraft Manufacturing Project by PTDI Must be Supported by the Government
(Source: PT. Dirgantara Indonesia; issued Feb 06, 2020)
N-219 aircraft manufacturing project by PT. Dirgantara Indonesia (PTDI) should be supported by the Government, both Central and Regional. This is necessary so that the work of the best sons and daughters of the Indonesian nation can be produced sustainably.

Member of the House of Representatives Commission VII of the Justice Party Faction (FPKS) Mulyanto said, that the technology made by PTDI aircraft is not inferior compared to the production of a type from other countries.

In fact, said Mulyanto, in some parts of PTDI's production aircraft has more value. So naturally this product is encouraged to be a product of the pride of the Indonesian people.

"When I was Secretary of the Minister of Research and Technology, I followed very well how the initial stages of this aircraft were developed by LAPAN and BPPT to later be produced by PTDI, which was once called the Nusantara Aircraft Industry (IPTN). All are well prepared and meet the specified standards. Therefore, I am sure that this aircraft will have competitiveness and deserve two thumbs up, "Mulyanto said.

In a House of Representatives Commission VII hearing with leaders of the Ministry of Defense, LAPAN, PTDI, BPPT, and PT LEN Monday (2/2) at Nusantara I Building, Senayan Jakarta, Mulyanto asked PTDI leaders to make careful planning, so that certification and the N-219 production process can be realized.

PTDI's board of directors must be able to convince the Government, prospective buyers and investors, that the aircraft to be produced is truly superior, so that the propeller aircraft market will respond positively.

"We must look for market breakthroughs, so that N-219 aircraft products do not repeat the deficiencies experienced by the N-250. We are very impressed with the success of the N-250 but unfortunately it is not followed by high market demand, "Mulyanto said.

Along with the presence of concern for the Government, Mulyanto asked PTDI to also increase its business capability and market penetration, not to be too dependent on government support. PTDI must target the private market both at home and abroad.

"Thus the company will be healthy," Mulyanto added.

Mulyanto assessed the specifications of the N-219 aircraft were very suitable for the conditions of the Indonesian archipelago. This two engine aircraft capable of carrying 19 people can be flown on a short runway.

"If the use of the N-219 aircraft is intensified it is estimated that it will help increase inter-island mobility of people and goods in eastern Indonesia and in the outermost, remote and frontier regions, thereby accelerating national economic growth," he concluded.


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