The Russian Defence Ministry Pays Special Attention to Restoring Regular Contacts with the Leadership of the Italian Military Department
(Source: Russian Ministry of Defence; issued Feb 18, 2020)
The Russian Defence Ministry pays special attention to the restoration of regular contacts with the leadership of the Italian military Department, as well as visits of warships and air units. This was announced by Russian Defence Minister General of the Army Sergei Shoigu at a meeting with his Italian counterpart Lorenzo Guerini.

"We consider our dialogue as an important element of strengthening positive relations between the military departments of Russia and Italy," Sergei Shoigu said. — We pay the most attention to the restoration of regular contacts between the top military leadership and delegations of various levels, visits of warships and air units, as well as holding staff talks to discuss issues of defence policy".

The Russian Defence Minister noted that at the meeting he would like to elaborate on the assessment of bilateral military cooperation.

"Italy is our long-standing reliable partner. Now, however, military cooperation between our countries is going through a difficult period, but the root cause of this is not related to bilateral relations, " the head of the Russian military Department stated.

Sergei Shoigu stressed that "the situation in Europe is not easy now, so it is more necessary than ever to restore relations between our countries in order to strengthen confidence and stabilize the situation in Europe."


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