FAdeA Delivers New Pampa III Aircraft to the Argentine Air Force
(Source: Argentine Ministry of Defense; issued March 27, 2020)
Given the parlous state of the Argentine armed forces, the locally-developed Pampa jet trainer is one of the few modern aircraft remaining in its inventory; they will be used primarily for border control missions. (FAA photo)
CÓRDOBA, Argentina --- The Ministry of Defense, led by Agustín Rossi, reports that the Argentine Aircraft Factory “Brig. San Martín ” S.A. (FAdeA) today finalized the transfer and delivery of the sixth IA 63 Pampa III aircraft to the VI Brigade of the Argentine Air Force (FAA), located in the Buenos Aires town of Tandil.

The aircraft, identified with the registration A-705 (1033), will be destined to fulfill control functions of the border airspace.

This incorporation is the third of the three units that the state company, led today by Mirta Iriondo, had promised to deliver to the FAA, and joins the five aircraft that were already awarded to said military unit between 2018 and 2019, thus forming a modern and optimal weapon system that enables pilot training through two-seater advanced training and light attack ships.

The Pampa III aircraft fleet is used in the North Shield operation to protect the northeast border of our territory.

Likewise, given the health emergency situation that the country is going through, the Air Force provides support tasks in the Central zone with aircraft whose maintenance is carried out in FAdeA.


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