Virus Halts KAI’s Fighter Jet Exports to Argentina
(Source: Korea Herald; published Apr 6, 2020)
By Kim Byung-wook
Korea Aerospace Industries said Monday its plan to sell light fighter jets to Argentina has been put on hold as the coronavirus outbreak is dealing a huge blow.

South Korea’s sole aircraft manufacture said its plan to export several FA-50 light fighter jets -- a combat variant of its advanced supersonic trainer jet T-50 -- to Argentina has been delayed indefinitely.

“It must have been difficult for Argentina to spend its defense budget for fighter jets when it is experiencing difficulties due to the virus spread,” a KAI official said.

Regarding previous media reports that KAI’s FA-50 had been designated as a preferred option of Argentine Air Force, KAI said it cannot comment on military contracts that are not finalized.

Argentina, which aims to modernize its military, hasn’t made an official announcement yet.


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