Support the UN Until the Final Days of the Mission of the Carpathian Puma Detachment - the First Rotation on African Soil
(Source: Romanian Ministry of Defence; issued May 1, 2020)
Romanian Puma helicopters deployed to Mali in support of the United Nations’ MINUSMA force are not equipped with the 20mm chin-mounted automatic cannon of the SOCAT version, but have machine-guns mounted to fire from their side doors. (Minusma photo)
The first rotation of the Carpathian Pumas Detachment is on the last hundred meters of the mission in Mali, but the staff continues to respond promptly and responsibly to MINUSMA requests, although our thoughts lead us more and more often to everything means "home."

Thus, on 25.04.2020, the mission received was to transport 90 kg of drugs 300 km N of Gao, urgently needed to treat patients from a MINUSMA FOB. Realizing that sometimes time is not on our side, and protecting human lives is our essential goal, the technical team configured the helicopter according to the type of mission, so that the crew could take off after only 20 minutes.

Keeping the pace of the missions alert, the next morning another request was received to transport explosives and pyrotechnic materials, 550 km N of Gao, materials necessary for the destruction of a UN armored vehicle that was hit by an IED. After a flight of about 5 hours, to the southern limit of the Saharan desert and two supplies, the crew delivered the materials to the EOD team in the field.

On 28.04.2020, almost two hours after dark, the detachment was alerted again; this time to evacuate 5 wounded German soldiers from the field, participating in a MINUSMA operation. The exemplary mobilization of the technical team, the medical team and the flight crews allowed the configuration of the second MEDEVAC helicopter, facilitating the take-off in a short time and allowed the military to be brought safely to the hospital.

"We are determined to meet all the challenges, keeping the same high standards, until the second takeover of the missions by the rotation of the Detachment", says the commander of the rotation of the 1st Carpathian Pumas Detachment, Commander Ioan Mischie.


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