Coronavirus Impact Pushes Boeing $168 Million Over Budget On New Air Force One Planes (excerpt)
(Source: Stars And Stripes; published May 4, 2020)
By Rose L. Thayer
Boeing expects a cost overrun of $168 million on the new Air Force One planes caused by work-from-home staffing problems during the coronavirus pandemic, according to a top official at the aerospace company.

However, the company still expects the two planes to be operational by 2024, said Greg Smith, Boeing executive vice president of enterprise operations and chief financial officer. Smith also told reporters last week that the planes arrived in San Antonio, Texas, about two months ago for an extensive customization process to convert the aircraft into secure, mobile command centers.

“As we have had folks working virtually, particularly on the engineering side, as well as that has gone, it certainly has created some inefficiencies that has caused us to reevaluate our estimate to complete those efforts,” he said.

A company spokeswoman would not elaborate on what exactly caused the delays and referred only to Smith’s comments. (end of excerpt)

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